Burnout Rules and Regulations


Must have a AASA License
Must remove all wheel weight from every burnout rim
No Alloy rims allowed
Neat street style appearance
Automatics must have an operational neutral safety switch
No oil leaks
Minimum 600ml coolant overflow Tank/Bottle
Minimum lap sash seat belt for driver and passenger
Seats to be in good supportive condition and have all mounting bolts fitted
Battery to be secured with clamp or bracket (it is highly recommended to have an isolation switch)
Fuel cells / Tanks, battery must be isolated from Cabin area
Nothing to sprayed on or placed in tyres
Modified Floor pan/Fire wall and Tunnel to be inspected by scrutineers for approval
Tail shaft loop 360 deg no further than 150 mm from front uni


Long pants, long sleeve shirt. No Nylon.
Enclosed shoes and socks
Helmet – AS/NZS 1698:2006 Minimum.
NOTE – Sleeves must be down before, during and after the burnout until the car is parked and turned off.


All Drivers, Passengers MUST have photo ID to sign in
Driver and Passenger must complete ALL required indemnity forms before they can sign in
Drivers with passengers must be at eighteen years of age or older
No ID, no competing.
Random Breath Testing (RBT) may be conducted on Drivers and Passengers